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BLOG POST: A new era for The Dream Machine!

The Dream Machine is entering a new era. 4 years after its initial inception – after countless pilots, building refurbishments and countless headaches – we are finally launching our very first fully immersive experience.

The Dream Machine is set up to help us all relax, play and create more so it might seem strange that our very first experience should be something so shocking and scary.

THE SCREAM MACHINE is a truly terrifying immersive horror experience. Together we are looking for participants to help us free a trapped soul…

Why start with a horror experience though? Well it just so happens we are coinciding with halloween. What better time to free any trapped energies.

The Scream Machine is the dark shadow of The Dream Machine that comes out to play once a year. Although they may seem different on the surface, there is a common thread running through both.

We are strangely addicted to things that scare us. Everything from roller coasters to the latest horror movie – we as a culture love to be frightened for our lives! But why?

Existential dread, or fearing for our lives is a natural experience as ancient as humans ourselves. We all feel it at times in our lives. It can sometimes be a tension that builds up inside us. Fear of the unknown, of those around us, of being alone, of the dark, of death itself. Taking part in a simulation like The Scream Machine allows us a much needed release of an emotional pressure valve. Every time we feel fear and nothing happens, rather than releasing us, it actually builds up pressure. Eventually we need some experience to physically happen to release the ghost of our built up fears. So we sign up for some ride or movie or experience and trust that on one level nothing seriously damaging will happen to us. While on another we allow our subconscious fears to express themselves and be exposed in the extreme to something that feels real to our deepest subconscious. Something that feels terrifying, that pumps massive amounts of adrenaline to our heart culminating in uncontrollable body jolts and involuntary vocal expulsions. On one level we know we are safe, while at the same time we literally fear for our life. What our conscious mind knows, our inbuilt fight or flight system does not.

Once the experience is over and our fears finally actualized in some way, we are awashed with a sense of relief that we lived through it and did not die – the ‘phew’ moment when our mind and body rewards us for surviving and escaping danger. Any tension build up is now released and we can go about our day more relaxed. The same behaviour can be seen in grazing animals. They too will simulate predator attacks. Their bodies will flood with adrenaline and jump and jolt into involuntary action followed by endorphin and tension release. We humans are no different, we have just developed much more exotic technology to play with.

The Scream Machine may be the dark shadow of The Dream Machine and its ambient sensory experiences. However like a shadow, both walk towards a similar path though in different lights. Be warned however this shadowy path is not for everyone. You must chose whether existential dread, simulated or otherwise is something you wish to put yourself through. If you are willing to step foot into this ‘chapel perilous‘ then we look forward to seeing you on the 27th or 31st of October as a willing participant in The Scream Machine.


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