Healthy Hedonism at The Dream Machine Day Raves

Dance like no-one is watching, said every meme ever but what really is the value in dancing?

From the age of 13 I would spend every Saturday night dancing and partying till I dropped but when I discovered Optimo The Subclub in Glasgow and felt I had really found my place, my people.  We danced like crazy until the early hours to diverse and interesting sounds, from Madonna to Black Sabbath and a whole raft of left field new electronic music I didn’t even know existed. I loved it but quickly descended into an unhealthy lifestyle that lasted years, dancing across late night clubs and illegal afterparties.

This wave of youthful hedonism swept me up in its euphoric three-night non-stop weekends, often leaching me back to sobriety by Wednesday just in time for it to start all over again.  Looking back I can see how much this lifestyle took its toll on me and on those around me. Escapism feels great when you’re trying to escape.  Especially when your world consists of hard work you don’t enjoy, working dead end jobs or living financially on the edge, but escapism is not sustainable.  Those who try to make it so often end up as addicts of one kind or another.  Drink and drugs, late nights and lack of sleep mess with your mind and body.

The issue is our culture only provides us with opportunities for hedonism of the unhealthy unsustainable variety.  Isn’t it time we changed this?

The Dream Machine believe in healthy hedonism!  Things we can do that lift us up in euphoria, that allow us to dance for hours, sweat, shake off the stress and pain of the week without the killer hangover at the end of it.

Introducing Micro Raves starting every Saturday at The Dream Machine.  Held in our Dream Room these mini parties pump out funky disco, banging techno, uplifting house, dub and reggae…maybe even some D&B jungle massive!

Lights and projections allow for an impressive visual show to go with every live set from our in-house DJs and selectors. We ask you to take your shoes off, connect with your surroundings and just dance.  

To break any social awkwardness we have a well stocked fancy dress box and face paints – so you can really go for it!  There is time and space for everyone to take part.  The room is fully accessible and the entry is pay what you decide. If you can pay it forward we encourage you to give a bit more and do so, yet equally there is no financial barrier to your enjoyment so if you want to come but are a bit skint, there is no need for you to sit frustrated at home.

We want to build a tribe of healthy hedonists who love to dance and laugh and who want to meet new people. Together we can build a space to relax, play and create and all dance like no-one is watching!


All tickets are Pay What You Decide – make sure to grab your space now! 

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