Keeping the Spirit of Rave Alive

We believe in the power of RAVE! Rave means energy, autonomy, doing things where we want, when we want. It means freedom, love, empathy for others, a coming together of spirits for a unified cause.  A place to find yourself and lose yourself.

The Dream Machine rave events (Micro Rave, Family Rave and Dream Rave) open up the ethos of ‘dancing for all’. Our Saturday Micro Raves provide an opportunity for adults to dance during the day, lift the stress of their week, meet up with new friends and just be happy.

Our Family Rave offers as chance for whole families to let go, kids can let off steam, parents can have a dance and everyone can bond in an environment that is soothing as well as energetic.

Our night time rave, The Dream Rave, is our no expenses spared dance night complete with beefed up sound, lights and space for more to take part. It happens late enough in the evening to feel more like a rave but also finishes early enough so people can get home safe or head out to other events if they wish.

Rave culture

Rave culture was born out of a time where youth unemployment was high and widespread closures rife – working class culture was under attack.  People were sick of the dismantling of their lives and spaces so, they claimed them back for themselves to converge and dance, all day and all night.  

Millions of people switched away from the state sponsored drug: alcohol.  The pint was replaced by the water bottle, pills and hugs.  It was this radical culture change that the state could not tolerate. The loss of revenue, too many people thinking independently and living outside the law was too much for the 80’s.  So, eventually, rave culture came to a head with the creation of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act banning repetitive beats in public.

Where are we now?

Fast forward to the year 2019 and large scale illegal raves are few and far between, replaced by pub and club nights as well as official festivals with large ticket prices. For many this is a happy compromise but we think there is something missing.

All our raves are completely free of drink and drugs, they are all financially accessible to everyone but crucially they all have the spirit of Rave alive and kicking (with a modern twist).

360 visuals, ambisonic sound, dress up, UV and so many more aspects that give it an intense and immersive feel yet also intimate. The days of having your ear to the ground driving up a dirt track on the hunt for a late night rave with 100,000 people in the mud are over. Now you can rave in the warm comfort of The Dream Room with your shoes off surrounded by friendly faces you know.


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