The revolutionary power of Pay What You Decide

I’d like to share a story with you.  The other day I was at my local swimming pool and I was chatting to an older gent about Pay What You Decide walking tours in Berlin.  He said at first he didn’t trust them and asked suspiciously “what’s the catch?”.  He also remarked he didn’t agree […]

Music, a dementia wonder drug?

Its anticipated that by 2021 there will be 1 million people living with dementia in the UK. It is a degenerative disease that can strip away a person’s memories, habits and lifestyle and can be a very painful and difficult condition for sufferers, families and carers to deal with. For the last 8 years of […]

Healthy Hedonism at The Dream Machine Day Raves

Dance like no-one is watching, said every meme ever but what really is the value in dancing? From the age of 13 I would spend every Saturday night dancing and partying till I dropped but when I discovered Optimo The Subclub in Glasgow and felt I had really found my place, my people.  We danced […]

Weekends at The Dream Machine – announcing our new programme of events!

When was the last time you switched off and did nothing?  The last time you danced in the day time like no one was watching? If you cannot remember then it’s been too long so join us at Sensory Sundays (from 10th Feb) and Morning Micro Day Raves every Saturday (from 23rd Feb).  All events […]

When Harry Met Sally… in The Dream Room

How to become more empathetic by just doing nothing. So much of our culture today encourages competition, comparison and division amongst people. In the face of this it is more important than ever that we develop environments and spaces that encourage empathy and understanding over hatred and fear. The Dream Room is designed to be […]

The Dream VLOG #2: “Team Work”

Welcome back to the blog! Let’s have a chat about working as a team and getting projects off the ground. In the beginning, I thought The Dream Machine was a plausible idea because I was working with other people. In reality, I ended up working a lot by myself. There can be problems with working […]

The Scream Machine: what audiences thought of the show

We asked audiences what they thought of The Scream Machine.  Here is what they shad to say! “Not seen anything like that before” “She [Jane] was behind me all the time” “Be prepared for not being prepared” “I was proper shaking” “I would highly recommend it” “If you like a good thrill and a good […]

The Dream VLOG: “A place to release human emotions”

You know, there is really something to be said about having a safe space, a controlled environment to release our human emotions, even the ‘negative’ ones like fear, anxiety and dread. Our first show is the Scream Machine is a terrifying interactive horror show where you join us in the seance circle as we attempt […]