NEWS: The Dream Machine proudly announce the opening of The Scream Machine: Come Play with Us, an immersive Horror Experience

The Scream Machine: Come Play with Us

An immersive Horror Experience

The Scream Machine is an immersive horror experience and while the focus is on entertainment we still remain true to the fundamentals of the Dream Machine: creating a positive and relaxing environment. This immersive entertainment experience to allow you to use your fear to release your emotional pressure valve; ultimately, we are manufacturing psychological distance in order to help you play and relax. The Scream Machine allows your fight or flight to react in a controlled environment and purge any anxious or negative feelings. We want you to unburden yourself from fear by immersing yourself in it, a cathartic experience that creates a paradoxical calming.

Taking place in our Dream Room, this immersive horror event revolves around the very building we reside in and our attempt to contact the spirit of Jane. This horror storytelling will be the first official event of The Dream Machine, where participants can get a first-time look at our innovative sensory immersion room, which merges the worlds of art and technology to create a truly one of kind experience.

This is a 16+ event and includes strobe lighting, serious terror and loud music.

Running time: 60 mins

Saturday 27th October, 6pm and 7.30pm

Wednesday 31st October, 6.30pm and 8pm

Tickets: £10 standard/£7 students and 65+

Carers go free

Private group bookings available

The Story

In the 1970s after the disappearance of a little girl, the department store that our offices now lie in shut down mysteriously. Now, 40 years later, there have been reports of strange occurrences: lights flicker, objects move on their own, it seems to become cold in an instant, dogs bark at nothing, and I swear I heard children’s laughter when I was alone at night a few days ago.

        I’m scared and helpless, people think I’m making this up. I never believed in ghosts or spirits but I can’t take this anymore.

…I feel her presence with me as I write this…

I have no other options, I’ve been forced to reach out to a spiritual medium who feels an entity in the space. They said they can make contact with it… but we need twenty willing souls to do it… we need you!

Join us for the Scream Machine and immersive horror experience. Come play with us and bring your Halloween to life.

The Scream Machine will be the first play event from The Dream Machine (Description of the Dream Machine)


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