The Dream Lab

A collaborative AV working studio for workshops, peer to peer training, development in tech and the arts, and as a unique performance space.

We encourage both guided and unguided learning, experimentation and development. The Dream Lab is a space for any experimental work to be performed, particularly where the artist’s interaction with their chosen technology is integral. To promote cross-artform creation the Dream Lab offers access to advanced audio and visual technology, and all workshops are pay what you decide.

Take a look inside the Dream Lab

Looking for a unique multimedia and AV spaces for your own project?

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Our Dream Lab space is suitable for classroom based environments such as workshops, masterclasses and craft sessions.  It’s versatility means it can also double up as a great music rehearsal space.


  • Capacity: 25 seated, 40 standing
  • Hourly rate £20
  • Dimensions: 6m x 10m approx.
  • Plug and play music system
  • Central desk space, great for round table team working or ‘boiler room’ style DJ sets

Add ons

  • Tech: Mac and Windows desktop computers
  • Vocal Mics
  • Selection of Synths
  • Selection of Percussion instruments
  • Midi Controllers
  • Projectors
  • Drum Kit (analogue and digital)