The Dream VLOG: “A place to release human emotions”

You know, there is really something to be said about having a safe space, a controlled environment to release our human emotions, even the ‘negative’ ones like fear, anxiety and dread. Our first show is the Scream Machine is a terrifying interactive horror show where you join us in the seance circle as we attempt to contact the spirit of Jane, ironically it is the antithesis of The Dream Machine. The Scream Machine is the black sheep of the Dream Machine family. Why do we enjoy horror? Why do we enjoy chilli? It hurts, scares us, causes pain then we want to go back and experience it all again. We like scaring ourselves. Check us out at https://dreammachineproductions.org

Join us for the #ScreamMachine and immersive horror experience. Come play with us and bring your Halloween to life.  Booking is essential for this event due to the limited number of spaces!  Grab your tickets here – http://bit.ly/2BXwyoQ

The Dream Machine is a non profit social enterprise which aims to bring down barriers of engagement with interactive arts and expression. We hope to provide a space for participants to relax play and create. If The Dream Lab is our behind the scenes room then The Dream Room is our main show piece. It’s where the participants first engage with us. We have a reception room at the front of the building for 25 people and it was designed that way so that no one feels left out when they come in, with comfort in mind for everyone, even if you are alone. We started 6 months ago and we have built an amazing team with interns and staff so its now all hands on ship. We run a series of events ranging from social focus to pure entertainment.

Matt Lygate is The Dream Machine founder and Creative Director. He has a passion for connecting communities together and giving people the resources they need to become self actualising happy individuals.

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