The revolutionary power of Pay What You Decide

I’d like to share a story with you.  The other day I was at my local swimming pool and I was chatting to an older gent about Pay What You Decide walking tours in Berlin.  He said at first he didn’t trust them and asked suspiciously “what’s the catch?”.  He also remarked he didn’t agree with people ‘jumping through hoops’ to get paid, believing in a full day’s pay for a hard day’s work.

Turns out he did take the risk and go on the tour and he absolutely loved it.  He couldn’t recommend it enough! And at the end of the tour when the participants were asked to Pay What You Decide for the walk, he remarked with pride how he and his wife gave the biggest contribution.

So here we have a person using a service, faced with a brand new pricing system that drew their suspicion but in the end empowered them so much that they happily paid more than they would have if the service was a set price.

This is the revolutionary power of Pay What You Decide. It allows the individual to easily participate and show their appreciation relative to their own personal financial status.

At The Dream Machine, allowing people to Pay What You Decide directly targets the first and often biggest barrier to engagement for so many people – money. How many incredible arts, music and entertainment opportunities are happening in Glasgow right now as we speak? Yet how many of them are completely inaccessible to many thousands of working class Glaswegians?  What about those who have to consider the extra costs of having a disability, those who are here as refugees or asylum seekers living on £30 a week.

People who would benefit the most from exposure to art, music and entertainment are the most isolated and excluded in our society. Making events Pay What You Decide opens up the door to everyone.

Pay What You Decide respects everyone’s dignity and privacy.  Doing away with all means tested pricing and the need for people to embarrassingly prove they are on benefits just to get a couple quid discounted.  Viewing everyone as an equal and able to participate as and when they wish, using principles of autonomous empowerment and equal access.

Pay What You Decide does not mean free. It means give what you decide something is worth. If we do our job well and make people feel welcome, warm, relaxed, playful and creative, people give back when they can. There is lots of research to back this up showing that average contribution actually goes up compared to a fixed price ticketing system. It also allows us a direct feedback link between our services and our participants.  What an opportunity as a business to place our direct trust in our users and to respond immediately to their input.

Pay What You Decide, the revolutionary power of a payment system that grants everyone permission to make conscious choices, engage in liberating arts, music and entertainment experiences that enrich their lives.

We can see a shining future where everyone can access the products and services they wish.  A world where the riches of the land are shared equally and freedom and expression are not just for the rich and privileged.  Where our doctors prescribe health and happiness to those in need of some extra help and we share in a life where everyone can relax, play and create.

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The Dream Machine empowers people to relax, play and create regardless of background or circumstance.

We do this by designing accessible sensory immersive experiences that help overcome common factors that cause stress and stifle creativity in people.

Using advanced technology and artistic techniques we deliver relaxation sessions, family play, day raves, healthy sensory exercise activities, workshops and much more.

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