Every event we run at The Dream Machine is designed to help people Relax, Play or Create. 

Sensory Sundays, an audio-visual journey designed to fully immerse your senses and relax your mind.

Sunday afternoon can come with a lot of anxiety for people. We want to repurpose your Sundays as a wellness springboard into a new, more mindful week.

The one hour session is an opportunity to abstract from your life as we guide you through a winter odessy.

If you book but cannot make it along please let us know so others can attend and enjoy.

Come in comfortable clothing and we look forward to welcoming you!

Multiple dates available.

Trade in your weekend hangover for a Morning Micro Rave!

An alternative to a standard Saturday morning spent solo at the gym, these dances will have you early risers sweaty and socialising before even downing that first coffee.  Come in comfortable clothing, dressed up, or in work out gear as long as you are ready to move!

Suitable for all ages. Includes flashing lights and loud music. Wheelchair friendly.

Multiple dates available.