When Harry Met Sally… in The Dream Room

How to become more empathetic by just doing nothing.

So much of our culture today encourages competition, comparison and division amongst people. In the face of this it is more important than ever that we develop environments and spaces that encourage empathy and understanding over hatred and fear.

The Dream Room is designed to be an empathy generator that uses the shared creative experience as a tool to develop a feeling of unity. It does this non invasively and without need for verbal communication so is accessible to all people from all backgrounds.

Entrainment is a useful concept in understanding power, influence and empathy. Entrainment is the process through which a dominant frequency or energy persuades and pulls nearby other ‘energies’ into its influence until they resonate in sync with the dominant frequency.

This process explains how hypnotists seemingly take control of people’s minds. It explains how a football team or dance group can sync up their thoughts and actions.

Sensory Sundays (and every other event we put on at The Dream Machine) allows people to come in with vastly different energies yet leave in harmony, synced up and feeling a part of something even though they may not have said a single word to each other yet. In our case the shared experience is the immersive AV experience.

For example, Harry might come in buzzing from news of a job promotion, Sally might come in feeling depressed and low because she hasn’t been able to sleep all night. Before a Dream Session they are unlikely to want to speak to each other.  Once they enter a Dream Session they will both embark on the same hour long journey. They will both be swept up by the same powerful music, light and visual experience transforming their previous energetic state and bringing them both into a homeostasis, a similar frequency range of consciousness. Now when they leave the sessions Harry and Sally have a lot in common. Their body language will be more open, shoulders back, eyes able to look at each other.

They have something to share together alongside the others in the room. Despite not knowing each other, the group will have developed not only a feeling of relaxation, abstraction and rest but also of community. This is why The Dream Room is a powerful space in our modern world. A space to counteract many of the messages fed to us daily from our society which provides an opportunity to fight isolation as well as stress and help everyone RELAX,PLAY & CREATE more.

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